Life Connections

The Christian life is not our own private affair. God desires for us to be connected to Him and others as we live our lives.  To foster this connection and help you grow as a disciple, we offer a variety of Life Connections. It is our hope that you join one and that you experience the powerful benefits of this type of connection.

  • Life Groups

    Life Groups are gatherings of 8-10 people that typically meet weekly in homes to connect, learn, serve and pray. These groups are offered throughout our community in various locations or homes. For a complete list of our life groups, Click here.

  • Life Lines

    Life Lines are groups of various sizes that provide specialized assistance and encouragement for life's emotional, spiritual, and physical challenges. These groups typically meet at Crossroads. For a complete list of our life Lines, Click here.

  • Life Studies

    Life Studies are classroom type gatherings that typically take place at Crossroads Community Church. They tend to be heavier in biblical content but are still filled with mutual encouragement and spiritual support. For a complete list of our life studies, Click here.